Youth Worker, Abinash

As you may know, our youth worker, Abinash, recently started working here at Heritage Woods in January. Even though Abinash is new, he already has big goals for what he wants to accomplish and help students with here. He initially became a youth worker because, “[He] decided to challenge [himself] more and [he] also thought that [he] had so much knowledge and skills that [he] could give youth.”

His favourite aspect of being a youth worker is meeting different types of people from different cultures, backgrounds, etcetera… Most of all, Abinash wants people to feel like this school is a safe environment and that they can always come to him for assistance or even just for a sympathetic ear. “I have an open-minded perspective and I want students to come and talk to me if they have any issues, without any hesitation. I want to learn with them as they learn themselves.”

There is a large spectrum of problems Abinash is very open to helping with. He really wants students to know that they can come to him if they have unstable social relationships and if their needs are not being met in any way. He can even direct anyone to the right place to get help if they are having vaping, smoking, mental health or other issues, as soon as they are ready to accept assistance. He can connect people to Tri-city mental health and other resources. If they are having problems with the law he can engage them in a more supportive community with more positive activities. If anyone is having a sexual identity problem they can also talk to him, he has access to LGBTQ2 plus as well.

Abinash also provides crisis counselling for anyone in trouble. A few things that Abinash helps with, but is not limited to, is anything from relationship problems to abuse issues or suicidal feelings. If someone has been through any sort of trauma or unhealthy experience, he is there to help. “I can be an advocate for people if they can’t advocate for themselves. I help young people develop their skills to make positive changes in their lives.”

He also can help you with getting employed and figuring out your skill sets. He provides accommodation, education, training, and employment help. Part of a youth worker’s job is to foster confidence, ambition, and empathy in students. Abinash is here to help us grow, learn, and find great solutions to our problems.

Abinash has enjoyed his time here at Heritage so far, and he can often be found in his office and handing out food to kids. Remember he is here for all of us as a whole, and if you are having any kind of mental health, relationship, or other issue you can definitely approach him for assistance. “I want students to feel welcome all the time and so we can just build a healthy relationship and a positive connection, and so they can share anything with me. I want students to be successful citizens in their lives.”

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