World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions

From November 17-21 2018, six Heritage Woods students competed in the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale University with outstanding results! The scholars—Berry Yan, Rachel Springle, Caite Miller, Golsa Moazedi, Rachael Tomlinson and Alannah Zhou—excelled and returned with 36 medals of gold and silver between them.

What is the World Scholar’s Cup? The World Scholar’s Cup is an academic competition program that entails team debates, collaborative writing and multiple choice tests that scholars complete in teams of 3 in accordance to the theme and subjects given. The two teams’ 2018 WSC season was based upon the theme of An Entangled World. They studied subjects ranging from the history of diplomacy to the arts to the science of memory.

Last April, the teams participated in the Vancouver regional round and qualified to global rounds held that summer. Berry Yan, Rachel Springle and Caite Miller competed in Barcelona, Spain while Golsa Moazedi, Rachael Tomlinson and Alannah Zhou participated in Melbourne, Australia. The scholars found the most impactful part of their season was the people from all over the world that they met who they were able to reunite with at the Tournament of Champions. This year’s Tournament of Champions hosted delegations from 58 different countries across the world and over 2000 scholars competed in total.

The girls have hopes of sparking interest in creating a new generation of Kodiak scholars to compete in the regional round early May 2019 potentially even qualifying for any of the six global rounds held during the summer!

World Scholar’s Cup is a great way to make new friends across the globe, learn new things, demonstrate your academic abilities and it looks great on university applications; any students that are interested in taking part in the competition may approach any of the aforementioned Heritage Woods students or keep a look out for announcements to find out how they can get involved

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