What Are People Most Excited For After The Pandemic

For about fifteen months Canada has been in some sort of lockdown. We have become accustomed to wearing masks, constantly washing our hands and staying two metres apart. Although it is still advised to keep your distance, the new regulations and plans for future that were recently released will start to allow you to reconnect. Starting May 25th the new regulations are set in place, and people are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel —assuming people keep getting vaccinated. As the world opens up slowly, there has been a buzz about what people are planning to do. I spoke with a few students and from Heritage Woods Secondary School to see what they were most excited about.

There was a variety of responses, but there was one that was a lot more common then the rest. The majority of people were excited to travel. Many wish to be able to travel outside of the country, while many would like to travel to other parts of British Columbia aswell as other provinces. The second most common response was to see friends again. Because of the pandemic we have been restricted in seeing friends and many people would love to have people over for dinner or to just hang out. This could be coming sooner then expected and as early as June 15th. Many people were also excited to see their extended family such as their grandparents. Although for a few people it was the opposite. Some people’s grandparents or other family members are stuck here because they are unable to return home because of their country’s current COVID situation.

Many activities and attractions have been halted that people are very excited to do. With all sports games being post-poned or non-existent people have had to watch all sports online. Hopefully in the future we’ll all be able to play and watch sports and concerts in person. Finally, there are so many other small things that many people will appreciate more when they return, such as movie theatres. Although these things are great, make sure that you don’t cave in now as it is still important to continue to be safe so that we can do these things and hopefully have a normal summer. Stay Safe!

Written By Eva Ramsay

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