University Application Season: Important Deadlines and Information

Grade 12s… It’s that time of the year. Unfortunately, I don’t mean the time where the tree is decorated, and the house lights up. It’s the time where our stress skyrockets and our coffee mugs fill. You guessed it; it’s university application season. Seniors are buzzing with nerves, excitement, and the thought of stepping towards our futures. This is an incredibly stressful time as we must decide on what path to pursue. Applying to science, business, arts, or any program of interest, may seem like a permanent commitment but don’t worry! Most of the students in their first year in university are unsure and still figuring out their footing as this is a new experience for all of us. The first year is about discovering what you are interested in, not making a promise you can never break. If you still aren’t sure what you want to study, you are not alone! Don’t look at this time as a horrendous, high-pressure nightmare, but rather an exciting opportunity to sculpt your life. To clarify and provide information regarding Universities, here are some important deadlines students should keep in mind during this time:

1. Student Transcript Service

While it may seem foreign and complicated, sending your transcript is very simple! You must access the Student Transcript Services website, log in with your BCeID, choose the “send your transcript to a university” option, select SFU, review your transcript, and send it! It is important to note that the default setting should not be changed as these are the settings the individual Universities request. Additional help is available on the student transcript website!

2. SFU

Students planning to apply to SFU for the Fall 2021 semester can apply now! Applications opened on October 1, 2020 and will remain open until January 31, 2021. The SFU application is rather simple, with no written response, unlike UBC’s Personal Profile. All that is required is your personal information and program selection, followed by a payment. It is very quick and great way to get started on your University applications. Students must remember to send in their transcripts after they have finished the application. Additionally, the self-reporting grades period opens on December 1, which is another responsibility for applicants to fulfill.

3. UBC

UBC has a bit of a harder application, because of the Personal Profile. It may seem daunting, but do not worry! Firstly, to be considered for early admission, the deadline to submit your application is December 1, 2020. However, UBC recommends submitting it 24-48 hours before the deadline to make sure it is successfully received. The regular admission deadline is January 15, 2021. If you cannot meet the early admission deadline don’t stress! The advantages to early admission are being given the chance to be considered for some scholarships and being given the possibility of receiving an early offer. You will be considered for UBC’s scholarships automatically and will be assessed on your grades and Personal Profile. Note that receiving and early offer is quite rare as it is only given to approximately 15% of applicants. The application itself involves entering your personal information and then the Personal Profile. The profile question varies depending on the program you’re applying to. Hopefully, you’ve started already if you’re interested in early admission. Take your time, reflect on your answers, and make sure it is edited. Most importantly, make sure that you are proud of it. There are a lot of helpful videos on YouTube and the UBC website that provide tips and advice to get you started on the Personal Profile!

4. Ontario Universities

Ontario Universities are interesting because you, simultaneously, apply to many schools using one account. You must create an OUAC account. Applications for all Ontario Universities must occur through your OUAC account. The deadlines vary depending on university so be sure to check out each respective website.

While these are the universities most students are applying to, don’t feel limited to SFU, UBC, or Ontario Universities! If interested in learning more about the University application process, check the appropriate websites frequently! Ms. Butler is a very helpful person and a great resource if you’re struggling with a university related issue. Of course, do some preliminary research, but don’t hesitate to send her an email!

While this is a nerve-wracking time, trust that there are plenty of resources at your disposable and that we are all in this together. Good luck to all Heritage Woods seniors and I wish you all very successful futures, whether that’s university, college, or your own unique path!

Written by Nava Karimi

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