The Heritage Woods Career Centre – A valuable place to visit

Hey Kodiaks! Are you graduating this year and wondering about all the different scholarships and awards that are available? Or maybe you just need to find out the important dates to keep your eyes open for! Whatever the case be sure to check out The Heritage Woods Career Centre found on the school website. I spoke with Ms. Butler and she mentioned there are several scholarships listed on the school website. They all have a wide range of deadlines and most are quite specific in their application criteria. She also mentioned the Career Centre is a great place to look for volunteer opportunities as well as post-secondary events and other opportunities like mini-med school, Saturday Morning Lecture Series, RCMP Youth Academy and the Firefighting Academy. For those of you interested in either the RCMP Youth Academy or Firefighting Academy, the applications are due December 12, 2018. Both of these look like great opportunities so be sure to check them out if you are thinking about either of these as a career! As Ms. Butler receives information about new scholarships she adds to the list on the website so be sure to check back often. There is also a scholarship channel on the school APP and she will be posting new scholarships there as she gets them. The Heritage Woods based awards will be posted in the spring but here are a couple of Scholarships with due dates coming up in December.

Burger King Scholar – High School Seniors can win up to $50,000 towards their education

Application Deadline is December 15, 2018

BEA Kelly Soroptimist Award – Recognizes young women who volunteer in their community

Application Deadline is December 30, 2018

While there is a lot of information available on the website, if you have any questions you can always make an appointment to speak with Ms. Butler.

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