The Genius of Dr. Seuss

March 2nd, 2021 will be the day when legendary American writer Dr. Seuss turns 117 years old. Many of us read his books during our childhood, and clearly remember the original style in which all his work was written. However, what truly makes his writing so iconic? This article will be a dive into the work of Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, and what makes his stories so memorable.

Firstly, the author is known for his intricate rhyme schemes present within each work. No matter the story, the wording helps the plot flow freely from page to page. As a children’s author, Dr. Seuss realized the importance of teaching children to read for enjoyment. During the author’s time, Life magazine published an illiteracy report, and concluded by mentioning the reason for the unusually high number: most children’s books were simply boring. This hugely motivated the renowned author. Using 236 words out of 250 give to him by Houghton Mifflin chairman William Ellsworth Spaulding, Seuss wrote The Cat in the Hat, his most famous work.

He considered the limited word choice crucial to the success of his work. Seuss believed that children should not be overwhelmed by confusing words and should instead seek to fully comprehend the book they were reading. The use of rhyme and patterns in books, for example the repetition seen in Green Eggs and Ham, helped young readers absorb more information. By connecting letters to sounds through repeating phrases, children learned to read clearly and independently. Another notable aspect of the books includes the creative characters and situations presented throughout the pages. Names such as “Sam-I-Am” were used to keep children engrossed in the book and interested in the plot. While strange to adult minds, these novel ideas helped connect young readers to books as a source of fun and information. The various narratives also taught helpful lessons, such as venturing beyond comfort zones, the beauty of all weather, and trying new things even if they seem frightening are crucial moments in the tales of Dr. Seuss. It’s no wonder both parents and teachers love his work.

Currently, over 600 million copies of the various Dr. Seuss books have been sold, and the number increases each year. The author has become a pop-culture icon, with a part of the Orlando Universal Studios theme park even being based off his works. The writer remains one of the most popular English children’s authors and will likely keep his standing for generations to come.


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Written by Soniya Tagirova-Sirotkina

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