Terry Fox Run 2019

Every September, all Canadians run, not only for Terry Fox, but for all cancer patients, family members, and themselves. This year, with the participation of approximately 1200 Kodiaks, 1800 dollars was raised in support of cancer research programs and initiatives.

Before the run, a huge assembly was held in the gym. Students watched a video clip of Fox’s inspirational journey that continues to impact millions of people who suffer from cancer and inspire those who want to make a difference in the world.

In 1980, Fox first started his Marathon of Hope (a journey by foot to cross Canada) to raise funds and increase the awareness around cancer. Unfortunately, he did not achieve his goal of running across Canada due to the cancer that had spread to his lungs. Although it may have seemed that the marathon ended there, it was only the beginning. Almost four decades later, he is remembered as a national hero and his legacy encouraged millions of people to fight cancer.

Fox’s marathon never ended. His spirit exists in people’s hearts forever. With love and courage, we will continue the Marathon of Hope for him.

Written by Yuning Gu

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