Syntechs Robotics Monthly Scoop

On October 19th, 2019, Syntechs Robotics —the Heritage Woods robotics team—sent 3 teams (6408X, 6408V, 6408U) to compete in the season opener which was the first Vex robotics competition this year. Syntechs competed against 50 teams across the province with some coming from the US. The exciting competition was held in Surrey at Enver Creek Secondary School. Despite the numerous setbacks such as broken parts, overheating motors, and other shenanigans, team 6408X had made it to the provincial tournaments. Alongside of this rare accomplishment, team 6408X won the Judges’ award that is only awarded under special circumstances that can include both the qualities of the robot and the team. This marks the 3rd consecutive year that Syntechs has qualified for provincials.

Come back and check for an update on Syntechs Robotics as teams that have not competed in this season opener are expected to compete in the mid-November competition.

Written by Ryan Li

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