Student Wellness And Empowerment Committee (SWAE)

The truth is that most teens are not comfortable talking about personal wellness and health in our society. Perhaps this is because of the stigma attached with joining initiatives like SWAE, that may plant the false idea that we are experiencing problems in our own lives. Because of this, we often ignore the importance of our wellness. Personal wellness is an active process of growth and making better choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. So, whether we are experiencing setbacks in our lives right now or not, by spreading awareness we are breaking down barriers and stigmas that are keeping so many teens from seeking help and living healthier, happier lives.

SWAE is a platform from which everyone will be able to speak and be listened to. This judgement-free zone is a safe place for students to share ideas and learn. SWAE’s mission is to raise awareness amongst HWSS students regarding personal well-being, and empowering students to incorporate healthy practices into their daily lives. There will be one topic that will be discussed in our monthly meetings (“Topic of the Month”) regarding which events/activities will be organized in hopes of spreading awareness and advocacy. As future leaders of this world, it is in our best interest to be the change we hope to see. By joining this initiative, students can pave the way and will find themselves to be aware, grounded, and empowered.

SWAE will be meeting on the first Friday of every month in room 109 and once a month after school.

Sponsor Teacher - Mr. Dewolff ( / Ms. Watt (
Meetings - First Friday of Every Month at Lunch in Room 109 / Once a Month After School
Contact Info - / Atrina Shadgan (

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