Student Council

Got Ideas? Want to contribute to your school community? Do you have ideas that will better the school? Want your ideas to be heard and put into action? Or would you just like to become more involved with the school? Contact the HWSS Student Council!

The HWSS Student Council is a group of like-minded students who want to better the school community and create opportunities for our fellow peers. Our goal is to create a productive, welcoming and supportive school community. We give students a platform that allows us to voice their problems to our administration so that we can help tackle these issues —our main purpose is to bridge the gap between students and the faculty at HWSS.

Throughout the year, we plan to host multiple school-wide events. These events range from spirit weeks to holiday activities. With these events, we hope to incorporate your ideas to broaden the participation of students and increase the scale of these initiatives. The student council would gladly appreciate ideas and any initiatives that you think we should take upon ourselves to do for the coming year (our contact information will be stated below). With your support and input, the Student Council will have a better understanding of the interest and issues among the students of our school.

The Student Council Executive Broad is comprised of 14 members, all of whom you can contact at any time, whether to inform them about ideas or to ask about any initiatives you may have.

GR. 9 REPS: Wesley Carson & Eleanor Wang

GR. 10 REPS: Dhanesh Yap & Abbie Collett

GR. 11 REPS: Maya Tharp & Kyla Flynn

GR. 12 REPS: Francesca Lepore & Harry Jeong

COUNCIL SECRETARIES: Sharon Gu & Melissa Wong

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTORS: Atrina Shadgan & Carissa Chow

INTERNATIONAL ED REPS: Khang Nguyen & Ashley Cai

Our Contacts:

IG: @hwss_studentcouncil (dm us about ideas/initiatives)

Written by Carissa Chow

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