Spending the Holiday Season Safely

With the one-year anniversary of the COVID19 pandemic’s appearance celebrated recently, the holiday season this year will, unfortunately, remain under certain regulations that will be put in place by the Government of British Columbia. While unexpected, these sudden changes do not mean that the winter festivities are put on hold. Instead, we will present you with numerous safe alternatives to traditional celebrations that will leave you happy and healthy, all while not detracting from the standard merriment usually enjoyed around this time.

While many of us enjoy going out to celebrate the holidays at various community events, these may be suspended to keep gatherings restricted to family members only. Instead of considering this a loss, think of this as a huge win for you and your family! Not only are you closer than ever, but you now have the opportunity to demonstrate to those important in your life how truly thankful you are to have them. With fewer gifts needed to give out, you now have time to focus on the ones you plan on giving, and more time to browse various online catalogues that allow for safe and secure purchases. Many local stores have gone online, so if you’re interested in supporting local businesses with your purchases, you now have every opportunity to continue your shopping in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, it is now easier than ever to find the time to craft handmade presents, such as knit sweaters, paintings, and baked goods. All these options are great ways to pass the time, so make sure to take advantage of them!

Many of us consider gatherings with friends as well as family members from across the world a hallmark of the winter holidays, so why not make that happen this year? Today, nobody must travel miles across the globe to visit you with the numerous online video call options available. From Zoom to Skype, you can create your very own dinner party using the internet and allow everybody to be together even if dozens of kilometres separate you. Not only are these services easy-to-use, but they also provide a wonderful source of communication at a time when social connections are more important than ever.

Lastly, the holidays are not only about the days of celebration themselves but the atmosphere leading up to them. While it may be difficult to find this air of festivity in the middle of a pandemic, decorations are a great option for those seeking to create it themselves. Handmade decorations, such as paper snowflakes are wonderful options if you’re looking to brighten up your household within a few minutes. Various thematic music, including Christmas playlists, are available for free online and provide an amazing ambience to your time spent preparing for the holidays, or even during your school day. Additionally, if you’re keen on embracing the holiday spirit, you can make your own hot chocolate and various other holiday drinks by following recipes provided online by dozens of cooks from around the world.

While we may be in a pandemic, this doesn’t mean that we should cancel our holidays, and hope for the best next year. Although celebrations may look different this year, we should still embrace the things we are able to do and show those close to us how much we truly care about them with a phone call or a hug, even if it’s virtual. Remember to stay safe, happy, healthy, and most importantly merry during your winter break!

Happy holidays from the Kodiak Times!

Written by Soniya Tagirova-Sirotkina

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