Senior’s Night

February 4, 2020 was an exciting night for Kodiak Basketball. On that night, we celebrated all of our seniors in the program graduating this year. We acknowledged three players from the girls team; Maddy Counsell, Kiara Kozak, and Jenna Griffin and five players from the boys team; Jordan Clough, Nik Bartulin, Peter Mueckel, Morgan Liski, and Chris Moon.

Photo by Emma Griffin

The senior girls Kodiaks competed against the Terry Fox Ravens —an extremely competitive matchup which has shown us a few exciting games this season. The senior girls had lost to the Ravens by one point just two weeks prior, so the Kodiaks were more determined than ever to win the game on February 4th. Terry Fox came out strong, scoring the first few baskets, so senior Kodiak Jenna Griffin decided to pump up her teammates, telling them to get going, and that’s exactly what they did. The next time on the floor, Nyah Courchesne made a rocket cross-court pass to teammate Maddie Falk, who made a three pointer, putting the Kodiaks on the board but unfortunately, suffering an ankle injury in the process, forcing her to be taken out of the game. This moment sparked a fire in the Kodiaks, who from then on, played one of their best games of the season. Especially senior’s Jenna Griffin and Kiara Kozak who played passionately for the last time in the Heritage Woods gym. Other senior Maddy Counsell helped her team to triumph by cheering as loud as she could from the sideline as she was unable to play as a result of an injury sustained earlier in the season. The final score was 68-44 for the Kodiaks, a great way to celebrate senior’s night and an exciting victory for the whole team.

Photo by Emma Griffin

The senior boys Kodiaks played against the only other team in our city, the Port Moody Blues. The boys competed throughout the whole game, playing together as a team and working hard during every minute. At the half, the Kodiaks were leading 55-18. The five seniors played especially well during this game, obviously feeling the support from the crowd who came to celebrate them on senior’s night. You could tell how proud both the coaches and parents were of their sons as they watched them play their last game in their home gym. Ultimately, the senior boys finished the game with a huge win. The final score was 109-53, a great end to senior’s night for Kodiak Basketball.

Written by Maddie Falk

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