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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Since the start of the second semester, I and twenty-six other grade elevens have had the once in a lifetime opportunity of being a part of the Science Co-op program here at Heritage Woods. Being around the same people all day, we have had more time to become comfortable with one another and can ask questions more often and study together. Having a routine allows us to better understand and expand on topics that typical science classes do not have a flexible timetable for. Even though we are only a month into the semester, we have already been able to participate in numerous field trips and conferences taking place in the Greater Vancouver area.

Photo by Kiera Co and Dora Sun

One of our physical education activities so far involved going to Climb Base 5 as a class and learning the basics of indoor rock climbing. We learned how to belay a climber and use auto-belays safely. This unique experience was a fun and exciting way to incorporate exercise into a day that other classes would unlikely provide.

We also went to UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories, where we learned about the process of DNA replication and protein synthesis through analyzing our DNA and using standard lab equipment. It tied nicely into what we were learning at the time. At the end of the workshop, we had the chance to compare our results with one another, which was interesting since we have two sets of twins in our class.

Photo by Kiera Co and Dora Sun

For future students interested in joining Science Co-op, think carefully about the courses you choose as you will only get two electives if you are a part of the program. Also, consider the type of person you present in your interview as it is a deciding factor in whether or not you will be accepted. Your first semester may be filled with academic courses if you choose to take specific ones and that may discourage you from joining, but know that all your hard work will pay off in the end and hopefully, you will have the best five months of your time here at Heritage Woods!

Written by Erica Hui

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