School Transitions

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Why do we say going to a new school is a mix of feelings? How are we supposed to make quick adjustments? In any new environment, the desire to fit-in is never greater; especially during the transition between high school and university.

The first month of being a freshman at university is stressful, and the sudden increase of the unfamiliarity only exacerbate one’s anxiety. Sisi, who recently graduated from Heritage Woods and enrolled in McGill University, shared her feelings during the first few weeks of post-secondary. She stated that “McGill University is estimated to have 40,000 students, and every day, I study with other three hundred students in a room. At first, it was a little bit uneasy for me.” She said that the enormous number of students was one difference between high school and university. Moreover, her most the challenging obstacle was the inconsistent schedule: “I seem to have only one class or lab per day, but the classes are very tight, and I have to spend all my time doing researches and essays. The first few days were full of pressure; meanwhile, they were full of challenges and excitements!” Speaking of the quick adjustments she made in order to fit into university, she mentioned about the importance of self-discipline, emphasizing “professors won’t have time doing attendance, so it is your responsibility to complete your homework and show up on time. If you do not pay any attention, maybe you will never know there is a new assignment!” Sisi now utilizes a chart every day to keep track of her studying process. According to her, it is useful for a freshman to be successful in post-secondary. At the end of the short interview, she laughed: “sometimes I still want to go back to my high school!”

September is always a busy month for all students, especially for the new ninth graders. Kathy is one of them. She also has “back-to-school anxiety”, however, she learned how to adapt to the school faster than most others. “I was scared at first, but at least I have friends who are already in Grade 11 to guide me” she said, “even though I don’t want to go to school, I look at the bright side of high school life, and I find out that it is not that difficult.” Compared to her middle school, Kathy loves the organized schedule in high school better than middle school. She attempts to find fun in every subject to overcome her “back-to-school” anxiety. “I think I like this school now. I can meet new people every class, and I am happy to participle in different clubs to see the variety of Heritage Woods! I am very looking forward to the next few years in Heritage woods,” she continued.

The most important point when you go to a new environment is to stay positive. Schools are called a miniature society since it reflects all the qualities of the real world. Learning how to adjust one’s mentality is essential when it applies to future career success.

Written by Yuning Gu

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