Scholarship Opportunities

ATTENTION ALL GRADE 12s and those interested in scholarship opportunities: there are two large scholarships with approaching deadlines. These are the Schulich Leader Scholarship (deadline: January 11, 2019) and the BC Excellence Scholarship (deadline: February 1, 2019). Both scholarships require the student’s school to nominate ONE student for this opportunity. Application forms should be detailed, and the criteria should be fully covered. Schulich Leader Scholarship forms can be found on the door of the career centre or on the web link provided below. Another scholarship that is approaching is the Beedie Luminaries (deadline: February 15, 2018) that requires an endorsement from a school administrator, staff, teacher or councilor. Please remember to notify them weeks ahead of the deadline. With all of these scholarships, please make sure that you are eligible to before you write an application.

A reminder to all grade 12s that they will not be accepted into post-secondary if they have not done their STS (Student Transcript Service) selections. Students planning to apply to USA/International schools should also be making selections. Athletes can send transcripts to NCAA Eligibility Centre thorough STS. There are approximately 200 Grade 12s who have not made a selection. It is extremely important that these are done ASAP. To find more information on this, visit the Career Centre webpage.

Students should be aware of deadlines of University Application. Some of the deadlines approach in January. Some Universities have different deadlines based on the program —please do the research to identify these dates. Students applying to SFU must have online courses completed by January 31 and students applying to UBC must have them completed by February 1st if they want these courses to be used as part of their admissible average. If it is a required course it must be finished.

Here is a link to the scholarship opportunities. Make sure to take a look again In 2019 when the lists will be updated.

Here is another link that will be helpful towards those who want to explore further into post-secondary opportunities.

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