Robotics Monthly Scoop #2

If you read our last issue, we left you off on a cliffhanger saying that there was another competition in November. In the November competition 4 teams from Syntechs Robotics went to the event where the two senior (6408V, 6408X) and the two rookie teams (6408Y, 6408Z) faced off against the other teams in BC. The senior teams excelled in the competition went on to the finals and though the the rookie teams didn’t make it, they made it surprisingly close to playoffs —one step before finals. Still, this accomplishment was no easy feat as this is the first competition the rookie teams have attended. For the senior teams, none of them made it to finals, though team 6408X had won the Inspire award! If you would like to know more about Syntechs Robotics, they’ve launched a new website at! Feedback for their new website is much appreciated. There are still many more competitions to cover for the next several months so stay tuned and see you in the next issue!

Written by Ryan Li

6408Y, one of Syntech’s rookie teams this year, stacking 4 cubes into a tower.
6408V (senior team) is carefully carrying across the arena.
Team 6408X manages to stack 7 cubes into a tower.

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