Review: ROLE MODEL’s our little angel - EP

On October 21, 2020, Tucker Pillsbury, more commonly known as, ROLE MODEL, released his third EP, our little angel. The highly anticipated project is the follow up to his oh how perfect EP from 2019. Though ROLE MODEL is in the midst of developing his fanbase, with his consistent release of singles and active promotion of his work on social media, the upcoming artist is successfully making a name for himself in the music industry.

ROLE MODEL is not your average pop artist. Although he’s been compared to artists such as Omar Apollo and boy pablo, his unique talents shine via his dreamy bedroom pop production and diary-style lyrics. His authenticity ultimately sets him apart from the rest, as he addresses excruciatingly relatable issues through his honest and distinct depressive lyrics. Diving into painful topics of failed relationships, self-doubt, and depression, ROLE MODEL somehow finds a way to deliver painfully truthful messages to listeners in a comforting and sincere manner.

our little angel opens with “alive,” an uncharacteristically optimistic track about developing a more hopeful and outgoing outlook on life. Throughout the song, ROLE MODEL celebrates those who have grown from their past traumas and inspires those who are ready to begin the healing process. ROLE MODEL uses “alive” to set up a recurring theme of the EP, finally being happy in his life and his relationships.

The next two tracks are singles ROLE MODEL released earlier in 2020. “for the people in the back” acts as an ode to being independent and comfortable in your own skin. ROLE MODEL expresses his newfound appreciation for not having to rely on anyone else, having learned to enjoy spending time alone. In “blind” he sings about falling in love with someone through social media without talking to them first. Having the feeling he has something in common with that person, ROLE MODEL sings them a love song, telling them what he expects them to be like. Unlike past songs about toxic love and unhealthy relationships, “blind” showcases ROLE MODEL’s growth, allowing himself to feel again.

Next, in “doyouseeit,” ROLE MODEL fanaticizes about a life with someone he can see himself spending the rest of his life with. This dreamy, talk-like tune addresses the oh so relatable idea of creating false scenarios in your head after meeting someone you fall intensely for. Hoping the timing and person is right, ROLE MODEL illustrates this beautifully emotional situation through “doyouseeit.”

“going out” is an upbeat song that showcases ROLE MODEL’s newly developed rap-like sound. Reverting to his sadder lyrics, “going out” is a song about being introverted, in which he pleads if someone is going out, do not include him, as he struggles to leave his house. Finally, to finish off the EP, ROLE MODEL reminisces about the beginning of a now broken relationship in “better the first time.” The catchy closing track conveys the idea that relationships are always better at the start.

our little angel features both ROLE MODEL’s optimistic and heartrending songwriting talents. He provides listeners with the sad music they need to drown their tears as well as the inspiration they need to start living their best lives. With this EP, it becomes clear that the up and coming artist ROLE MODEL is only going to continue to excel and grow within the world of pop music.

Written by Maddie Falk

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