Move 4 Mana: A Challenge that Gives You the Ability to Save a Life

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

What is MANA and the challenge?

The Move 4 Mana challenge is a student run initiative that strives to save the lives of children with malnutrition while promoting activity within school —to achieve this, we use the power of Mana. Mana is ready-to-use-therapeutic-food or RUTF, thaspet contains all the nutrients and vitamins developing children need."

How Move 4 Mana came to be:

Maria Martini was watching a 60-minute documentary on a lifesaving packet called “Plumpy nut”. This packet contained all the nutrients to save a child from severe acute malnutrition also known as SAM. Maria was inspired. This single documentary brought her from the comfort of her living room into the fray of developing countries where this simple packet would save the lives of many. This passionate woman sought after a world where kids didn’t need to be at Death’s doors. By partnering up with World Vision Canada, Mana Nutrition, and founding the Food for Famine Society, Maria would meet Mark Moore, Troy Hickerson, and many more who would help achieve her vision. Together, they created the Move 4 Mana challenge. This challenge gives students the opportunity to save a child from SAM!

Move 4 Mana was first introduced three years ago to Heritage Woods Secondary School, and has now encouraged Riverside Secondary School, Port Moody Secondary School, and Centennial Secondary School to follow suit.

This year’s Move 4 Mana challenge was launched on World Food Day, a global annual event that was created to raise awareness about poverty and hunger. Last year we saved 445 lives in South Sudan and this year we hope to save 800.

The meaning of the challenge:

The challenge gives students the ability to save lives. More specifically, a child in Burundi with SAM from the ages 3-5 this year. The process all starts when students and teachers log their activity into the "Active for Good" app. Every calorie burned is translated on the app into good points. Once you reach 200, The Food for Famine Society donates a packet of Mana. Mana packets are shipped and distributed by World Vision Canada to the country of the HWSS Move 4 Mana team’s choice, this year it’s Burundi.

Each child will have a chance at life that they were slowly being deprived from. Students will experience how their little actions, as simple as walking up the stairs, will affect how child lives. It will make them aware how small actions, lead to big changes.

The Mana team:

At Heritage Woods, a group of young philanthropists have created the Mana team, with the help of Mrs. Nunn and Mrs. Woods. This team organizes all the events around Mana; either to tell students and teachers more about it or to promote activity to students. Some of the events the team have organized throughout the years are musical chairs, and numerous teacher challenges. These side challenges award those who win, with prizes such as Airpods, headphones and pizza lunches. All the prizes are from the many generous sponsors that support the changes MANA has brought.

If you would like to help the Mana team by sponsoring money, or items, please contact Mrs. Nunn or Marilyn Nunn at

Written by Sophia Tharp

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