Model UN

International affairs, spirited debate, new connections, and broadened horizons— are all aspects of the unique Model United Nations experience. Model UN (MUN) is a school club that isn’t just a club; it’s really a community of passionate people all interested in the prevalent issues of our world. Model UN teaches you problem-solving and communication skills in a way no other extra-curricular does, so whether you’re here for the debate (there’s a lot of debate), to practice your public speaking skills, write professional documents, address controversial topics, or perhaps to just learn more about the world you live in, join MUN. You represent different nations in UN-format debate, and discuss important issues. You even go to overnight conferences! But most importantly, by opening your mind to such a broad spectrum of issues: be it humanitarian affairs, or economic issues, or even weaponry and warfare, you become more involved in, and gain insight on our global society.

Sponsor Teacher - Mr. Chaffee (
Meetings - Every Monday at Lunch in Room 235 / Optional day/weekend conferences
Contact Info - IG @hwssmodelun / FB - HWSS MUN 19-20 /

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