Metfest 2018

Most students are aware of Heritage's annual school musical; performed each spring. But many may not know is that Heritage Woods' students also participate in Metfest. An annual district-wide theatre competition held at our school. Each school prepares a one-act show that will later be presented and judged by an adjudicator. Actors receive feedback and advice from this experienced individual, to improve their skills. At the end of the festival, the winning school will be chosen. This event will particularly appeal to those with an interest in theatre as many schools take on more dramatic and challenging shows.

Metfest will take place on November 29th, December 1st and 2nd, at Heritage Woods Secondary school. These dates will include different shows each night from all the competing schools. If you are specifically interested in seeing heritage Woods', it will be performed on November 23rd and 24th at 7:30, as well as a few matinees earlier that same week. Tickets are only 5$ so come out and support your fellow students and enjoy a night of theatre.

Heritage Woods students will be performing "Metamorphoses" by Mary Zimmerman. This play is about a series of Greek myths and the lessons they teach us about love, change, pain, and growth. Despite these tales being performed in a contemporary and entertaining way, they do not lose the weight and gravitas they originally carried. Directed by Hayley Perkins, this show has been a deep and difficult journey for the actors portraying these legendary characters; but the product is worth it. If the poetic script and enticing stories don't pique your interest, then maybe the unique set will. "Metamorphoses" is performed with a pool of water on stage. A central plot device and set piece throughout the entire show. If you wish to understand how this all ties together and this production is pulled off, then come to watch Heritage Woods performance of "Metamorphoses”. Besides an amazing production from Heritage Woods, many other schools will bring equally interesting and unique shows. These productions will use unique theatrical devices to express emotions: mental illness, emotional struggles, trauma, and the stories of many other diverse characters. Metfest is a wonderful experience for student actors and audience members to learn about the complex deep world of theatre. Come to support your fellow students and enjoy an utterly unique theatre experience.

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