What is ME TO WE?

Today “ME TO WE” is known as a global force for good. This is achieved through ME TO WE’s philanthropic actions that create and provide economic opportunities for villages in third world country called “WE Villages”. Their actions are achieved in two ways; first by creating employment and economic empowerment for those in WE Villages, and secondly, by donating 50 percent of their profits to charity. Over the past few years, ME TO WE has accomplished this by building on the greater opportunities for people in WE Villages and by donating over 20 million dollars in cash to the WE Charity.

ME TO WE has also branched out to schools, with the hopes to inspire growing minds. They put on events such as hosting assemblies, and the infamous WE Day to share knowledge and get students excited about what ME TO WE is doing!

What is the ME TO WE club doing this year?

This year, the ME TO WE club is partnering with Gleneagle and Pinetree secondary to raise enough money to build a school in Africa (most likely Kenya). Our club has set goals to support the building of the school. To achieve this, the ME TO WE club: through pizza sales, bake sales, and many other events, raise money throughout the school year.

How do I join ME TO WE?

After reading this article and you find yourself interested in the club, why not join it! It’s super easy to join as all you must do is join us in room 203 at lunch time on Friday.

Written by Sophia Tharp

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