Kodiak’s Advance to the Fraser Valley’s

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The Heritage Woods girl's field hockey team is on an impressive winning winning streak. Opening their season off in September against Maple Ridge secondary, they ended up beating Maple ridge 2-0, maintaining this trend throughout the season and crushing every team in their path. The Kodiak’s have trained hard this season, investing a lot of energy into practicing come rain or shine. The team’s hard work is mirrored by new coach Geoff Hamilton who has given incredible amounts of time and effort to train and further develop the girl’s skills in this sport. A shout out also goes to Susan Mueckel for being the team manager. She has done a wonderful job of keeping everything organized for the team.

Although there were several strong teams in the district, the Kodiaks were able to beat the competition by coming together and working vigorously to achieve success. Game after game they only became stronger, which allowed them to play in the district finals against Maple Ridge. In the end, the Kodiaks came out on top, winning 4-0 and claiming the title of district champions. The girls will now advance to the Fraser Valley’s, which is being held on October 29th at Coquitlam Town Centre. Congratulations on your season and good luck at the Fraser’s! GO Kodiaks GO!

Written by Abbie Collett

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