Kodiak Conversation Club

The Kodiak Conversations Club strives to break language barriers to those who struggle with English by giving them the confidence to communicate and participate around our school. The club achieves this through fun activities, with the goal to keep learning fun. Club members will participate in organizing these activities, which range from engaging ice-breakers to cultural expeditions that, for example, can explore holidays unique to a member’s cultural background or perhaps one’s cultural traditions. Not only do they hope that members will gain confidence through regular practice, but the club also provides support for those who may struggle with their school work due to language barriers. The success of the club not only depends on the participation of its members, but also relies on the assistance of volunteers who will be able to gain experience from aiding students who may struggle with communication while gaining volunteer hours in the process.

Sponsor Teacher - Ms. Lee (alee@sd43.bc.ca)
Meetings - Every Wednesday at Flex in Room 211
Contact Info - Monica Nguyen (yennhinh@yahoo.com)

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