Joining Technical Theatre

Earlier in October, my friend managed to convince me to join technical theatre, or as many people call it, theatre tech. As I continued to attend the classes on Tuesdays at lunch, I got to know more and more of the great people who were in the class, making many new friends as well as getting to know more people.

The first time I actually entered the light and sound room was when the friend that convinced me to join decided to teach me a few things. He was able to teach me a lot about every cable, button, and slider on every board, microphone, and speaker, while also allowing me to learn some stuff by trying it out.

The first event I actually “teched,” was the Halloween Catwalk, in which I didn’t really have to do much. Even though I didn’t take an active role,I thought that it was a really good learning opportunity and was able to learn from those who had been doing tech for a much longer time. The second time actually “teched” for an event was during one of the Move 4 Mana events, and this time, I actually had to do a lot more. We had to carry down multiples monitors (a type of speaker), many cables (mostly XLR cables), and a single portable soundboard. During the event, I was able to do a lot of experimenting with the portable soundboard, learning from the others who were helping what every button and setting did.

The first major event I was involved in was the Remembrance Day ceremony. Most of the people in the class were helping with this even as the setup was very difficult. We had to bring speakers, a projector screen, MANY XLR cables, a projector, a few microphones, and of course, the portable soundboard. Even though the setup was a little chaotic, we definitely did a great job. Nothing went wrong during the event (besides a few small mishaps to do with the piano). I would say that this event was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

Overall, I think that joining tech was one of the best choices that I’ve made and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make new friends, get to know more about the technical aspect in theatrics, and just to have a nice and fun environment to hang out in.

Written by Ray Peng

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