Inlet Rowing Club Come and Try Event

We all love studying, but how about some physical activity! Inlet Rowing Club is hosting two Come and Try events, one on June 13th, between 5PM – 8PM, for the ages of 13-18, and one on June 16th, between 9AM – 12PM, for ages of 19+. You can register on the Come and Try page at or email for information. For those of you who don’t know much about rowing, it is an Olympic water sport involving propelling a boat on water using oars, and it goes back to the time of ancient Egyptians. At Inlet Rowing Club, located at Rocky Point Park, you may choose between two programs; the recreational program or the competitive program.

The recreational program rows three times a week (however many times you decide to show up is up to you) and provides both technical and physical coaching. They have a wide variety of members that had joined rowing for many reasons, some for the fun and supportive environment provided, and some for the enhancing physical activity.

The competitive program includes five practices a week, including both on-land and on-water training, and is coached by a fantastic and experienced coach who will make sure by the time you want to pursue either Olympic rowing or university rowing, you will have a strong foundation. The competitive team participates at regattas (races) regularly, including BC Summer Games, Vernon, and Delta.

“Our boats are known for their high quality and maintenance among the various rowing club in BC, and our club is known for its large open boathouse space providing a comfortable environment for many members.” The club is currently discussing the option of a rowing team at our school which will have its practices at the club’s boathouse. If enough athletes show interest in the sport, the team will be formed. No prior rowing experience is required, come and explore the physical, mental, and health benefits rowing has to offer. LOTS OF PRIZES will be handed out at the Come and Try events. Hope to see you there, Kodiaks.

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