HWSS Mobile Mentors

Mobile Mentors is a new program introduced at HWSS, designed to help students get through their high school years with advice on any issues they may be dealing with; both in and outside of school. This program was created and is run by intelligent and trustworthy grade 12 students currently attending HWSS. In order to create an open and safe space for sharing, they will remain anonymous to the student body.

The idea of this program was inspired by past high school experiences, and what would have made them better. Having an easily accessible way to ask for advice gives help to those who need it. Communication has been made challenging and less accessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently going on, and the mobile mentors hope to improve this by lending an electronic helping hand to students seeking advice.

“We came up with this idea because we saw people dealing with the stress of school, especially in a pandemic. We also saw a lot of students having trouble making connections or feeling heard because of social distancing. With this idea, we hope that all students know they have a resource they can contact to discuss school problems, ask for advice, and just get overall help from experienced grade 12 mentors. And they get complete confidentiality!”, responded one of the anonymous Mobile Mentors when asked how this idea was formed and how it can benefit HWSS.

The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health but with the help of HWSS Mobile Mentors, there is a good chance a part of it may be restored, and the entirety of high school experiences at HWSS will be improved.

You can reach out to a mobile mentor through Instagram’s direct messaging @hwssmobilementors or by emailing hwssmobilementors@gmail.com. All messages sent and received will be confidential. The mobile mentors are available to share advice, with anyone from the student body, everyday before 8:00pm and will do their best to respond to all messages as soon as possible.

Written by Katelyn McCaskill

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