HWSS Horror-Writing Contest

This year’s Halloween Short Story contest turned out to be quite successful. Who knew we had so many aspiring horror writers at our school? There are not one but four winners of the contest. For our Most Original story winners, we have Leo Zhu and Micah Neumann-Jackson. These students came up with creative and enticing ideas for their stories, allowing them to be placed in this category. Emily Scatchard and Olivia Lund are the Best Overall winners. Their stories were very compelling and interesting. I interviewed Micah, whose short story is about a young girl who sleeps in the Paris catacombs for a night, and asked her a few questions about her story. “I’m most proud of how I was able to fit the story into only 500 words.” Micah says. “I had many more ideas than just the ones that made it onto the page and it took lots of editing but I think my main idea came through and paid off.” I’m sure other writers can relate!

Everyone came up with their own unique ideas, some of which were inspired by certain things. “It just happened that when I found out about the story contest I was reading about a lottery to sleep in the catacombs. I thought that would make a really cool basis for a horror story.” Micah shares. As for her future plans, Micah definitely wants to pursue writing stories; however she’s not sure about continuing with horror. I'm sure the judges read several intriguing stories, and it was great if you participated. Congrats to the Halloween Short Story contest winners!

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