The HSEO club, standing for Heritage Science Expo Organization, is a club that participates in science related competitions mainly focused on chemistry, biology, and physics. We have a list on what competitions we plan on participating in, held by various institutes and universities all around Canada. Our first competition is the National Crystal Growing Competition, held by the Chemical Institute of Canada. Minimal to no previous science experience is required since we mainly do labs and there are only a few competitions where we will require previous science knowledge. Our goal is to have fun and learn while we do science related things. 

Sponsor Teacher - Ms. Wilson (bwilson@sd43.bc.ca) / Mr. Modder (lmodder@sd43.bc.ca)
Meetings - T.B.A.
Contact Info - Esther Shim - President (esthershim716@gmail.com) / Tina Chen - Vice President (tinamchen02@gmail.com) / Kerry Khuc - Vice President (felixak23@gmail.com) / Jade Yan - Manager & Treasurer (jadeyan02@gmail.com)

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