Fun Things To-do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Are you stuck at home in fear of contracting or spreading the novel coronavirus or COVID-19? Are you bored and out of things-to-do? Is your home gradually becoming a prison? Well, fasten your seatbelts because we are going to explore all the activities you can do during the coronavirus outbreak. Follow me and let’s make the most of self-isolation!

Learn a New Language

Stimulate and challenge your brain! Even though it feels like a break, don’t let all you hard work throughout the school year go to waste. Learning a new language can be fun and interesting. It can also improve your intelligence and strengthen your memory. Learn about different cultures and their food, music and entertainment. Every culture is unique and there is an abundance of information out there on the internet waiting for you. It’s a free, easy, and fun way to learn. The internet can connect you to a seemingly infinite amount of sources, so language education is just a click away. Some websites we suggest are YouTube, Duolingo, Hi Native, Busuu, and Babbel! We challenge you to learn a language you wouldn’t learn in school and do it for more than simply practicing for future tests. This is a really great way to connect with other people and to relieve the loneliness of staying at home.

Try a New Recipe

The oven is set on high and a delicious aroma wafts in, alerting your body that something delicious is being created. One bite and you are in heaven. The mix of flavours dancing on your tongue, fighting for dominance. You can’t deny it. We all love food. If you are a fellow foodie, try whipping up a new recipe to pass the time. Help your family and cook up a new recipe for dinner or make a mouth-watering dessert. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Sometimes it’s the cooking mishaps that taste the best. Discover new recipes online or take Grandma’s old cookbook out of hibernation. You can learn how to make food from a variety of cultures or even learn how to make the basics. It’s totally up to you. Have fun with it and enjoy all your hard work at the end!

Change your Style

This could be simply looking at the clothes you have and mixing them to make new outfits. If you have siblings, you could always ask for clothes they don’t want to revamp your wardrobe. There are tons of different places to find inspiration if you want to change it up. You can find different styles on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and almost anywhere online. Don’t forget, you don’t always have to follow someone else’s fashion. Be adventurous and create your own! It doesn’t stop there. Change up your hair. Try a new hairstyle or hair colour. Learn new makeup looks. Perfect the winged eyeliner and rock the bold, red lips. Come back to school with a bang and leave everyone wondering how you did it.


Dancing is a fun and easy way to stay active. Try dance covers of your favourite songs or make up your own dance moves. Dust-off the Just Dance CD and have a dance battle with your family. There are millions of dances on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If those dances are your style, don’t worry! You can learn different styles of dance like swing dance, hip-hop and Salsa…. etc. Dancing is the perfect way to stay fit and have fun.

Host a Karaoke Party

Discover your hidden talents and have fun while singing. Use your bed or any platform as a stage. Grab a hairbrush, turn up the music and you’re all set. If you’re feeling adventurous, start a live stream or FaceTime of yourself and let your friends watch you. You can find karaoke covers for many songs on YouTube. Let all your worries go and just have a good time.

Clean and Redecorate your Room

As teens, most of us spend a lot of time in our room so why not keep it clean? It doesn’t have to be spotless but picking up dirty socks, throwing out empty wrappers, and clearing that one chair with all your clothes wouldn’t hurt. It would make your room appear a lot bigger and help you keep track of all your possessions. If you are feeling like your room is outdated or boring, now is the perfect time to rearrange and redecorate! Add some wall art, paint your door or dresser, or add some plants to keep you company. Make your room your own! Be creative! Most changes aren’t permanent so you can always move it back if you don’t like it. Don’t be afraid to try new layouts or wall designs. Look online to find some inspiration for your room’s new look to add a touch of you to your room.

Practice Your Art

This includes all types of art like drawing, painting, music, and more. You can express your feelings with art and let your creativity and imagination take the wheel. Art is fun and relaxing; something to balance out these stressful times. Watch tutorials on YouTube and try them. Try new styles and learn about different techniques. Listen or watch art from other cultures and try to mimic it and add a new style to your belt. Art is about self-expression and creativity so channel your moods, feelings, and emotions into your work and set them free.


Being at home doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Exercising is good for you and keeps you healthy. It improves your mood and reduces the risk of heart diseases. There are many workouts online to try. Strengthen your muscles at home using bodyweight exercises. There are lots of bodyweight exercises you can do at home like squats, push-ups, burpees… etc. Though the gyms may not be open, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Small things such as a walk could improve your health. Just remember to social distance and you are all set.

Call or Text your Friends

Even though we must practice self-isolation and social distancing, that shouldn’t stop you from calling or texting your friends. By calling and texting, it can improve both your and their moods and make life more enjoyable and we could all use that during this outbreak. There are a lot of free apps you can use to chat with your friends, and it won’t cost you a penny. These include Instagram, Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more.

Clean the House

Parents clean the house most of the time and know that we don’t have much to do. However, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some more chores and make their lives a little easier. It sounds boring and unpleasant but if you turn up the speakers, you can clean to your favourite songs. Similar to redecorating your room, if your family is on board, go ahead and revamp the house. Rearrange the furniture and decorations. Add some of your own paintings or artwork. Once again, have fun with it.

Written by Sarah Abdellatif

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