First Responders Club

Ever wanted to make a difference in your community? You may be able to help out the school and around the community by becoming a first responder! The team mainly helps by responding immediately when there’s an accident or emergency at school and deals with anything from cuts, burns, head and abdominal injuries to sprains and fractures.

To become a part of Heritage Woods’ First Responders team, you must have a few qualifications. It’s required for you to first have a Standard First Aid (SFA) or any equivalent certification. Then, you can take the First Responder course. You can also join if you already have your First Responder or SFA certification; there’s no need to redo it. When joining the group, it’s important to make sure that all your certifications are up-to-date and come from certified establishments, like the Canadian Red Cross.

Once you’re a part of First Responders, you’ll be able to volunteer at school and community events as a first responder. Every time you’re on call, you’ll receive volunteer hours for your help, which will add up over time.

Being a first responder not only gives you the chance to get a lot of valuable hands-on experience, especially important for those who would like to go into the medical field, it also lets you make a difference at Heritage Woods and in the community. You’ll get to make lifelong connections and have something special to put on your resume.

The First Responders are looking for new volunteers to join the team for September 2020! Anyone interested in joining can email a student first responder, Rebecca Hsin (, or talk to Mr. Baldus ( if they have any questions.

Written by Erica Hui

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