Earth Hour – How a little change can make a big difference

Hey Kodiaks! On March 30th from 8:30 – 9:30pm let’s turn the light out for one hour in support of Earth Hour. You might be wondering what exactly is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is an annual worldwide event organized by the World Wildlife Fund as a way to make people aware of environmental issues and help protect the planet. Each year at the end of March people are encouraged to turn off all non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol of their commitment to the planet and to raise awareness and encourage people to make small changes year round. It might not seem like much, I mean what impact will turning the lights off for one hour really make? Well according to an article from the March 28, 2014 issue of the TriCity News, in 2013 enough electricity was saved in Port Moody to power 29 homes for a year!! Simple actions can make a difference so come on Kodiaks, let’s turn off the lights and show our support!!

Are you looking for more ways YOU can help make a difference? Did you know that Heritage Woods has an environmental club? The HWSS Environmental Leadership Club meets every Tuesday at Lunch. Here are just a few of the exciting activities they have planned for April:

Battery bin/electronic waste collection

Spring break shut down

Collecting empty pens

Environmental lunches and movie nights

Clean up the neighbourhood

Nature Hike

Here are some simple things you can do at home or school to help:

Turn off lights and other electrical devices when you aren’t using them

Don’t waste water. Turn off the taps when you aren’t using them


Get a reusable coffee cup

Try to pack a waste free lunch whenever possible

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