BTS: Map of the Soul 7

They started the rise of the popular music genre, K-pop. They are one of the biggest boy bands in the world. They are BTS. On February 21, BTS released their seventh studio album, called Map Of The Soul 7. It contains 20 tracks including 5 additional tracks from their previous album Map Of The Soul: Persona. It is one of a kind. It comprises both collaborations that elevate the music and also includes their unique and individual songs. The number 7 refers to a variety of symbols for the band: there are seven members in the band, and this is their seventh year working together. Map of the Soul 7 connects all their albums. Their albums are an interconnected series that relate to each other in special ways.

Their album has many different types of songs for a wide array of people with different tastes in music. They cater to those who enjoy their steady beats and their beautiful, deep voices. They are a multitalented group that explore many types of music genres such as hip hop, rap, pop, and more.

When their new music video “ON” was released, it was trending at #1 on YouTube for almost 24 hours. It was a big hit, reaching 15 million views in just 6 hours. One of the individual songs by Jimin, Filter, was the trending at #7 on YouTube for one day.

Their music video “ON’ has a deep meaning behind it for both BTS and ARMY— synonym for passionate BTS fans. BTS member Jungkook had this to say about the song’s name: “The name of the track wasn’t “ON” at the beginning, but we came together and we had meeting trying to decide what we wanted the title of the track to be and what we wanted to call it, and then because this was a reboot, we wanted to take our old song “N.O” and turn it into ‘ON’”. RM also known as Kim Namjoon also added that “it is a love song to our career,” indicating the importance of the piece to the band and their fans.

BTS is making a comeback on February 28th with their lead single music video for their album. The ARMY has been patiently waiting for this moment and the band is prepared to break records once again. Set your alarms and write a note because they are ready to sing and dance their way into your heart.

Written by Sarah Abdellatif


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