Bearded Dragon

There’s a dragon in the school. No, this is not the start of a fantasy novella, but it is the truth. There is a bearded dragon in our school. His name is Geppeto and he can be found in Mr. Cairdullo’s room (309). Geppeto is a cold-blooded reptile and his daily activities are unvarying. At times, the golden reptile can be scrambling across the tables, but mainly he stays in his enclosure, regulating his temperature between the hot and cold sides of his tank. In the wild, bearded dragons also regulate their temperature in the dry woodlands and deserts that they live in. These animals can similarly be seen changing their microclimate by choosing to bask on rocks or seek shelter in the shade. One of the most interesting qualities of Geppeto is his skin. If you ever get a chance to pet him, you will notice that his skin is like velvet armor that looks intimidating but is quite soft and deceiving to the eye. One strange tendency that Geppeto adopts, is his seeming urge to think he can fly. His endeavors of flight normally end in disappointment and in the hands of a human. An interesting observation that was made by Mr. Cairdullo was seeing the different reactions of people towards Geppeto. Sometimes, people take to Geppeto right away, letting him perch on their shirts, where others are less inclined and sometimes even frightened at the thought of holding the lizard. If you would like to see

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