2019 BC Green Games

“When we destroy something created by man, we call it vandalism, when we destroy something created by nature, we call it progress.” Ed Begley, Jr. Our world generates about 3.5 million tons of trash each day, meaning our environmental footprint is increasing and killing our planet at a mind-bending rate. Landfill sites around the globe are filling up fast, and we need to face the fact that if you threw a bottle into the ocean or a piece of gum onto the street, it does not go away. Every piece of garbage you throw away no matter how small contributes to the pollution of our planet resulting in habitat impact, chemical impact, biological impact, and eventually human impact. The good news is that we are still able to correct our wrongs and save our home.


BC Green Games is a digital contest meant to educate students and teachers across BC about our environment and how to preserve it through “eco-storytelling.” This contest is offering an amazing learning opportunity in scientific exploration. There are two types of projects each team from each school may choose from, a photo essay project or a video project. Each project is meant to celebrate “green activities” and environmental education. The BC Green games judges choose five elementary schools and five secondary schools to receive a “green grant” of $1000. When last year’s BC Green Games took place, unfortunately, our school did not place, but the video made by our Environment and Outdoor Education Club gathered some local attention and was used by our school district to garner support for a district-wide shift in waste management. This year the district leaders have approached our school with a challenge to create a new educational video along with different resources to assist schools across the district in shifting to the district’s new recycling and waste management system. Our school has taken this opportunity to support a green district initiative that involved 70+ schools, hundreds of teachers and more than 32,000 students. As our club was on a journey to create a video for students and staff from all schools starting at kindergarten to grade 12, partnerships were formed with student representatives from as low as kindergarten in elementary School to seniors in high school. As a reward for their hard work and effort to educate SD43 our club has won our school a $1000 grant. Let us congratulate our club for bringing pride and maintaining our reputation as a progressive green school. I have one last question for you all, have you hugged your recycle bin today?

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