10 Relaxing Activities to do at Home to De-Stress

As Quarter 2 comes to a close, many students are struggling to finish their final assignments and tests on time. These stressful times, doubled this year by the pandemic, may leave students drained and unmotivated for the start of Quarter 3. It’s important to take a day (or a few days) to relax, calm down, and de-stress.

Here are 10 activities to do at home to de-stress and prepare for Quarter 3.

1. Listen to your favourite music.

This is a very simple yet effective way of relaxing. Whether it be pop, classical, or jazz, music has a way of calming people down.

2. Take a hot shower or bath.

Or listen to your favourite music while taking a hot shower/bath. Although, if it were up to me, I’d gladly take the chance to finally be able to stop multitasking.

3. Pamper yourself.

Yes, boys can also participate in this activity. Grab a face mask (I recommend putting it in the fridge first), grab a cup of warm beverage (without caffeine or alcohol), and maybe even paint your nails in the process, if you want to multitask.

4. Doodle or colour.

When was the last time you truly stopped and just sat down to draw? You don’t have to be an artist for this activity; just sketch whatever comes to mind—even scribble lines count!

5. Write down your feelings.

Grab a notebook or a blank page of paper. Your writing doesn’t have to be coherent or have any clear train of thought—no one else will see it.

6. Cuddle a pet.

Or a stuffed animal, if you don’t have a pet.

7. Call a person who makes you laugh.

It can be a family member or a friend, just as long as you can have a carefree conversation with them.

8. Look through old photos of trips that you enjoyed.

If you haven’t gone on any memorable trips, you can watch travel vlogs on Youtube!

9. Play a board game.

You can play with your family, or with your friends online. Bonus points if you win J

10. Go for a walk (or a hike).

Yes. A walk. In nature.

No, sitting on your couch and waving your legs in the air does not count.

I hope these helped! Good luck in Quarter 3.

Written by Cady Liu

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